Greensleeves started as a  family business fifteen years ago the focus being design, installation and the care of those gardens. Now it is evolving into both the education, artistic and physical aspects of everything to do with gardening and how that world plays into everything we do. Over the years we have spent hours studying, experimenting, implimenting and sharing those discoveries in a manner that we now hope inspires and teaches all that are even just a little interested in how our enviroment moves and grows every day. Grounded.

Amongst the long days I have produced several books and illustrations that were inspired by our own garden and those we worked in. Throughout history artists/botanists have created a world of both beauty and education from their works. It has provided enormous subject matter. I hope to share what we have learned and the beauty it beholds with you.Your interests and knowledge will vary and that is just fine. Some of you may never garden but appreciate what it provides.

Our subscription includes articles on an ongoing basis and a bi-annual publication. You may also obtain books and material that creatively re-enforces those many things that we have wanted to share, enhancing your interests in the garden world. We also offer seasonal products and limited edition work as well as books and other items garden related. I have found that it is so hard to “start” somewhere so we also include where to find places that we have found helpful.

Greensleeves can be contacted  at and


PO Box 713, Stowe, Vermont 05672

As with all of us an appreciation of each others work and time is an important consideration. Karma reaches far and wide so please do not copy, or reprint any of the work or contents without written permission and arrangements. There have been so many people that have helped us along the way, many will be referenced here and you may want to look up. 

Thank you in advance